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Ramadan Quiz 1

Here is a short quiz of 14 questions on Ramadan.

The quiz can be downloaded as a printable pdf from here: Ramadan Quiz 1 QUESTIONS

The answers are here: Ramadan Quiz 1 ANSWERS

1- Why do we fast?

a. To lose weight

b. To gain taqwa

c. Sympathy with the world’s poor

d. Personal satisfaction

2- What is the meaning of the Arabic word Ramadan رمضان?

a. Abstinence

b. Worship

c. Scorching heat

d. Hunger

3- What happens on the first night of Ramadan?

a. The devils are chained

b. The gates of Hell are closed

c. The gates of Paradise are opened

d. All of the above

4- What food is recommended for breaking our fast?

a. Samosas

b. Fried chicken

c. Coca cola

d. Dates

5- On what night was the Qur’an revealed?

a. Lailatul-Barat

b. Lailatul-Mi’raj

c. Lailatul-Qadr

d. Lailatul-Eid

6- Approximately how many people are fasting worldwide during Ramadan?

a. 1.5 billion

b. 1.5 million

c. 1.5 trillion

d. 1.5 thousand

7- What is the reward for fasting?

a. 1 good deed

b. 10 good deeds

c. 700 good deeds

d. Greater than 700

8- What is the reward for providing iftar to a fasting person?

a. The same reward as the fasting person

b. 1 good deed

c. Money

d. Popularity

9- What should we increase in Ramadan?

a. Watching TV

b. Eating

c. Worship

d. Playing games

10- How did the Ottomans announce the beginning of Ramadan in Jerusalem?

a. Newspapers

b. Firing a cannon

c. Fireworks

d. Gun salute

11- Which of these conquests did not occur in Ramadan?

a. Battle of Hittin

b. Conquest of Makkah

c. Battle of Uhud

d. Battle of ‘Ain Jaloot

12- Whose du’a is accepted? (choose three)

a. A just ruler

b. A fasting person

c. An oppressed person

d. Someone who doesn’t enjoin good and forbid evil

e. An oppressor

13- Allah describes Lailatul-Qadr as “better than a thousand months”. How many years of worship does this equate to?

a. 55

b. 66

c. 83

d. 100

14- What month follows Ramadan?

a. Sha’ban

b. Eid ul-Fitr

c. Shawwal

d. Dhul-Hijja

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