This blog was created back in May 2004 to combat the propaganda that is circulating on the internet and among politicians and media on the Islamic Civilization and the Islamic Caliphate. The Caliphate is an easy target for those who wish to plant misconceptions and blatant distortions in people’s minds about its institutions and rule. Since the emergence of ISIS which named itself a ‘Caliphate’ the West has started equating the traditional core Islamic concept of Caliphate with terrorism.

Despite this propaganda campaign Muslims will never give up their desire for a true rightly guided Caliphate to be established in the Muslim world to end the decades of tyranny and western interference.

John Casey summed up this view: “For the Caliphate had existed as long as Islam itself. That Muslims throughout the world form a single community – an Umma – is not the conviction of a few cranks. It is inherent in all Muslim traditions. Even if the divisions within the Arab world make a Caliphate seem impossible to achieve, very many Muslims – perhaps the majority throughout the world – respond to it instinctively as an ideal. A leader who with God’s blessing dispenses law and justice throughout the countries of Islam appeals as profoundly to the Muslim imagination as the kingdom of Christ upon earth or St Augustine’s City of God did to Christians in Europe for at least 1,500 years.”

Muslims believe in Allah the Creator of everything, and His messenger Muhammad ﷺ who brought the final message for all peoples. This Islamic message clarified the correct and best way to run the affairs of a society and through what type of ruling structure. It rejected the idea of monarchies, empires and theocracies and established a unique system – the Islamic Caliphate system.

Islamic Civilization is an independent site which is not part of any organisation or party and has no link whatsoever to ISIS. The material on this site has been taken from many sources and elaborated to give a simple, graphical view of the Islamic Civilization and some of the Caliphate’s institutions and potential policies.

Unless stated otherwise, everything on this site is written and produced by the editor A. K. Newell.

A. K. Newell
Editor of Islamic Civilization