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Khilafah Organisation Chart

This organisation chart depicts the structure of the Khilafah (Caliphate) and the inter-communication between the different posts in the state. It is translated from the Arabic organisation chart which can be viewed on the website

Death of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: A timeline of events

There is no dispute that the burial of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the best man who ever lived and greatest of all the prophets, was delayed. However, confusion may arise over the reasons for this delay and how to view the companions’s actions who collectively consented to this delay. This question is discussed in detail in the article Why was Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ burial delayed?

INFOGRAPHIC: Administrative Divisions of the Caliphate

The vast territories which the Islamic State rules over are divided up in to administrative units to ease in the task of ruling. The top level division is The Province (Wiliyah) which is headed by a Governor (Wali). The Province is divided in to Districts (I’mala) which are headed by a Mayor (‘Amil). The District is sub-divided in to Cities (Qasabah) headed by a Chief Executive (Mudeer). The City is further divided in to Neighbourhoods or Quarters (Hayy) each headed by a Director (Mudeer). Traditionally a Neighbourhood consisted of 40 houses.