INFOGRAPHIC: Abbasid Khilafah Timeline

A Muslim woman was captured by the Romans and held in a place called‘Amuriyyah. Not content with only capturing her they tried to dishonour her as well. Frightened and alone she called out the name of the Khaleefah, “Ya Mu’tasim”. A man witnessed this incident and rushed to the Khaleefah informing him of what had happened. When he heard the plight of this woman Mu’tasim responded bravely, “Labbaik (I am here at your call).” He prepared a large army and set off for battle to rescue the woman. Mu’tasim’s army conquered the enemy and entered ‘Amuriyyah. After destroying the enemy stronghold, they came to the woman and freed her.

(Ibn Athir, Kamil)

Abbasid Khilafah