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Response and rebuttal of those who have said that the Amr (command) is indicative of Al-Wujoob (the obligation)

This is an extract from the book Al-Waadih Fee Usool ul-Fiqh by Muhammad Hussein Abdullah available to purchase from Amazon. In respect to the Adillah (evidences) used as proof by those who say that the Seeghat ul-Amr indicates Al-Wujoob (the obligation), then they have erred in their manner or process of deduction. That is because these evidences are related to the obedience to the command (Al-Amr) and disobedience to it whilst they are not related to the Seeghat ul-Amr (form of the command). The Amr (command) of Allah is Waajib (obligatory) to obey and disobedience to it is Haraam.