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“This Ummah of yours is one Ummah”


Al-Aqsa has been invaded and desecrated by Israeli settlers and occupation forces. Senior ulema councils in Madina and Al Azhar have issued religious edicts calling on Muslim world leaders to mobilise their military forces for intervention and peace keeping.

In response:

  • Turkish battleships, frigates, aircraft carriers and submarines stationed in the Mediterranean have been dispatched and are nearing Israeli waters.
  • Egyptian infantry and artillery divisions have amassed near the border with Gaza in anticipation of Israeli incursions into Palestinian territory.
  • Pakistani airforce jets stationed in the Persian Gulf have scrambled and begun reconnaissance sorties into Israeli airspace, mapping potential military targets, while infantry regiments have gathered for joint exercises with the Jordanian army.
  • Gulf states have pledged to finance arms and logistics and vow to spare no expense in assisting in the protection of Islam’s third holiest site.
  • Iran and Iraq have vowed to put aside sectarian differences and unite in preparing and sending regular and irregular troops experienced in urban warfare to aid the Palestinians and protect Al Aqsa.
  • Afghan national forces have agreed ceasefires with the Taliban and pledged to unite with them in sending battle hardened warriors to fight alongside and train Palestinians.
  • Chechens, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmans, Kurds, Azeris and other central Asian soldiers have created and organised their own fighting battalions and head to bolster Palestinian resistance.
  • Military forces from Morocco to Indonesia have seen a massive upsurge of young men seeking to join the military in the hope that they are sent on joint expeditionary missions to defend Al Aqsa.
  • Muslims from East and West Africa have begun sending volunteer forces that start in Tanzania and Nigeria and end on the borders of the Occupied territories.
  • Saudi Arabia has instructed imams across the nation to make qunoot for the Palestinians in every one of the five prayers until it is liberated.
  • Uighurs, Rohingyas, Kashmiris, Indians and other oppressed Muslims elsewhere pray for success and wait eagerly for their own liberation.
  • Palestinian youth and fighters have vowed never to give up – even if they have to fight with stones and rocks.

Well, at least the last one is true but, just imagine…